Poetologisk analyse: Begrebslige og metodiske overvejelser

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  • Thomas Rosendal Nielsen

poetik, dramaturgi, metode, Aristoteles, Erik Exe Christoffersen, Steen Sidenius


In many dictionaries, poetics is defined as “the branch of knowledge that deals with the techniques of poetry” or “the aspect of literary criticism that deals with poetry” (e.g. Oxford English Dictionary, accessed 25.9.2020). Within a context of dramaturgy studies, the word is used almost synonymously with the artistic ideology or view of art of the artist (playwright, director, performer etc.) or of the production process, creative method, training regime or institutional framework of theatre and performance. This essay reflects on the complex of problems implied in the concept of poetics, and it suggests a range of research questions to the analysis of poetics in order to delineate and focus the development and dialogue of such studies, especially within the field of dramaturgy.