Årg. 19 Nr. 37 (2022): Sustainability

					Se Årg. 19 Nr. 37 (2022): Sustainability

This issue of Peripeti is dedicated to sustainable theatre and performance practices. The urgency of rethinking and reimagining human activity has become increasingly obvious as the massive ecological catastrophes resulting from climate change and mass extinction have entered our horizons. The answer to this has been coined ‘sustainability’, a word that at the same time poses a serious challenge for all sectors of society, and runs the risk of degenerating into just another buzzword. In this issue, we interrogate, specify, and challenge the concept of sustainability in relation to theatre and performance practices within a broad range of circumstances and geographical areas. We encounter theatre and performance practices that directly engage with ecologies between human and non-human agents, practices that emphasise the need to reuse, replenish, and respect resources in the course of theatre production, and practices that insist on forms of sustainability that care and takes care of every-body.

This issue is supported by The Independent Research Fund Denmark and The Danish Arts Foundation.

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